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Charlie Atkins completes successful preseason test in Cartagena

We continue our work with motorcycle racer Charlie Atkins and his family, when we recently published two press releases for the Goole based rider. The first article appeared in the Hull Daily Mail and the second came out in the Goole Times. Both are regional papers. The Goole Times covers the exact area Charlie is from whilst we also had the article published in the Hull Daily Mail which has a much wider reach ensuring more visibility for the rising motorcycle racing star.

Funding motorcycle racing is becoming an increasingly difficult job as costs continue to escalate and the further up you go the more expensive it becomes. Unfortunately, this means that some of the best riders that don’t have the same financial clout as riders with lesser ability can and do miss out on a career in motorcycle racing.

As we have stressed elsewhere on this site it is imperative to keep people aware of who you are and what you are doing to increase the possibilities of securing sponsorship as well as maintaining the interest of those who are already funding you. It’s no good going back to a sponsor a year after extracting money and asking for more, if you haven’t kept them up to date. The only thing they will remember is that you took some of their money and they didn’t hear from you again until you needed more.