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Do newspaper press releases work?

TJ Toms Motostar Brands Hatch GP August 2016
TJ Toms Motostar Brands Hatch GP August 2016
TJ Toms Motostar Brands Hatch GP August 2016 Bridgwater Mercury 9 August 2016

The simple answer is yes they do. How do we know? Well because when there was a mix up at TJ’s local paper, and the last press release didn’t get printed Sponsors and local fans of TJ Toms contacted his father to ask why there wasn’t a report in the paper. People give support in many ways, be it discounts, trade prices or hard cash. This is an excellent way to keep them informed of your racing and how their sponsorship is being used.

You get an opportunity to thank your sponsors and keep your fans informed. It complements your website and social media channels. Visibility is key. The more visible you are the easier it should be to ask for fresh help the following campaign and also to attract new sponsorship. If you are a rider that no one knows about in the community it is going to be much harder to get anyone to give you financial help.

At we don’t just write the article, we contact your local paper(s) and then follow them up to encourage them to print it. We write quality copy and establish a relationship with those working on the paper which makes it easier to get material published.

For our clients that want it we also produce a professional race report based on the press release that can be placed on your facebook page. It can be tailored to your colour scheme, include your logo, and your sponsors’ logos too.

If you are interested in this type of service then please contact us.