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Sponsorship proposals

Sponsorship proposal

The end of the motorcycle season is upon us and for bike fans there will be the long dark winter to get through before Spring time brings the beginning of a new an exciting season.

For riders this winter time might be spent searching for a ride in 2017, deciding which championship to race in or even more importantly, I suspect, searching for sponsors to ensure they can continue to participate in this fantastic high speed sport that we all enjoy being involved with.

The teams will also be thinking about 2017 and they may be looking for new riders, as well as investment in their teams for the coming season.

Sponsorship proposal MustHaveMediaServices.comDon’t leave it until the last minute. Although it seems a long way off the earlier you start, the more people you contact the more luck you will have in securing the finance you need to race. Leave it until the last minute and budgets will have been allocated, other riders and teams may already have got their before you.

We are happy to talk to you about putting together a sponsorship proposal for your funding requirements for 2017. Tell us what you are looking for or if you are unsure we can talk through some options before deciding what you want.

An investor in you or your team will want to know who you are and what sort of exposure they will get. With a professionally prepared sponsorship document you can make sure you present yourself in the best light. or telephone +34 684 114 645.